iPhone App meets Artistic Lamp

Transform your iPhone or iPod Touch into nightlight art. We've combined 3D Printing and iOS App development and it's mesmerizing!

The iDecoLamp is one step away from being produced for everyone!

Your iPhone or iPod Touch doesn't have to sit idle with a blank screen while charging! With the iDecoLamp physical cradle combined with the iOS app, your iPhone or iPod can be transformed into a work of art! Now, you can sit back and enjoy the beautiful ambience created by the iDecoLamp.


3D Printers were used to create iDecoLamp prototypes.

The iDecoLamp prototypes were created using a 3D printer. The final lamps will be created using an injection mold, and the body will be plastic. 

We have completed the 3D CAD design, iOS software application testing, and cradle prototypes with our 3D-printers. We will be using the Kickstarter funds to create 2 injection molds for producing our lamp cradle.  The injection molds will allow us to produce product quickly and at a low cost.  Our iOS App has already been accepted by Apple (tm).

This product will be produced in the USA.

The lamp stand (cradle) will be available in the following colors:


NOTE: the above images are simulated only. We do not have injection molds made, so these are images of the 3D-printed prototype with Photoshop-altered base colors, to give examples.


iDecoLamp-Screenshot_flame-effectThe iDecoLamp iOS App features many different animated effects to choose from. The possibilities for creating new animated effects is limitless! If you have ideas for a new effect, either pass it our way, or guarantee it's created by choosing that backing option. The cradle and app combo currently works for iPhone 4, 4S, 5 and iPod Touch.

iDeco Lamp iPhone app in lampiDecoLamps can be used for mood lighting, a night light, or an art piece in any room with dim lighting. Great for parties, or simply to leave out on a counter while the iPhone is charging, or the iPod Touch is playing music.

The iOS App has a number of different options. Below are a few screenshots.


Audio Integration is critical for the iDecoLamp, especially if the iPod Touch or iPhone is your music source or alarm clock! The iOS app integrates audio seamlessly, so you can turn it on/off, and go to the music player through the app itself.

Costs and Details. We are looking to raise $35,000 in order to cover the costs of the tooling for injection molds, plus the costs of materials for printing the lamps. These costs will require us to sell somewhere in the vicinity of 1,700 lamps in order to make the project worthwhile. Help us make this a reality! Get yours today!


The Outtakes. Watch the bloopers we made creating our video, for a little chuckle. Enjoy!